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We are very flexible in our pricing. The prices on our website are for budget planning purposes only and to give you an idea of what it would cost 

to obtain our services. Time can be a factor for projects that require more than the standard amount of time estimated per project. 


Our goal is to provide you with a price that will suit your budget and fulfill your needs.



Please ask us for a price quote in advance.


Drone Still Photography (Dji Mavic Pro):
$150 (10 still images). Raw 


Drone Videography (Dji Mavic Pro):
$150 (10 video clips - 4 sides of the building, 1 overhead, 1 rear, 1 360 overhead,  3 misc.) Raw

Both Drone Photo and Drone Video (Dji Mavic Pro):
$250. Video provided as individual clips as well as one full flight clip. Raw

Still Photography Only (Sony A7/3):

Includes: 8 exterior and 25 interior $175

$2 per additional photo
Includes Light Room edits

YouTube Video Only
Including drone video, drone stills, Sony interior stills and music: $250 (Client obtains YouTube video only)


Package Price:

Including Sony Stills package, Dji Drone package and YouTube Video w/music: $499. Client obtains all. Savings of $151.00


We will upload the completed project to YouTube, Vimeo or your proprietary video hosting system.

All files will be available for download from our Dropbox account at no additional charge. We can also mail them to you on a usb memory stick for an additional $15 plus sales tax on the total sale. There is no sales tax charged for digital downloads from DropBox.

NEW Matterport 3D Virtual Tour Service for Real Estate.

Average cost is .075 per square ft.

Combine Matterport 3D to any of the above packages and receive a 20% discount on the entire package. Click here for a sample of our 3D Virtual Tour or visit our 3D page.

Ask about our Social Media Commercial Production Service: We can produce a 10, 20, 30 or 60 second commercial for you to post on Facebook,

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other marketing outlets. Packages start at $299. Pay once, use it for a lifetime!

Real Estate Agent Discounts Available

Real Estate Agent Discounts Available

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