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Social Media Commercials

InFret 3D, LLC. Social Media Commercials, Real Estate Photography, Product Photography and so much more.

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Take advantage of "Impact Marketing" by owing your own social media commercial.

Social Media Commercials are here to stay and there has never been a better time to represent your business with a fresh new approach.

No longer are the days of having only TV and Radio as your source for broadcasting your message. Social Media Commercials allow you to get in front of a captured audience time and time again. There is no comparison to the cost of TV and Radio where your ad ends when your money runs out. Now the audience is all yours, 24/7 for the low cost of the production itself. No reoccurring fees, no annual fees, no bank breaking additional costs.

Capture the undivided attention of potential customers. Build customer loyalty and enhance the image of your brand like never before.

Share with your clients, colleagues, friends, family and potential customers through the many (and always growing) social media outlets such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snap and so many others.

Let us produce a Social Media Commercial for you. We have several packages to choose from starting at just $299.

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